Scared of scaling your business to the next level?

No idea what your Team is doing and what problems they are burying?

Losing time and money micro-managing your team?

Feeling that there is just not enough time in the day to keep track of all the admin?

If so, I know your pain, and I’m 99% sure I know the solution…

Strategy Call

First, book your 100% free growth strategy call, and let us analyse your business, your team, determine your “sticking points,” and show you how to scale your team and business with just 15 minutes a day using The Sprint Formula inside our D.O.P.E. Framework.

Setup D.O.P.E.

When you decide to let us help you increase your teams productivity, we’ll start to guide you through the D.O.P.E. framework implementation,…


Run Sprint Formula

With your successful framework in place, you’ll be to run the Sprint Formula and save time and money, so you can invest it back into growing and scaling your business!

The Research Is In!

75% of companies said that accelerated goal delivery is their #1 reason for adopting the agile way. (salesforce)

64% said that the enhanced ability to manage changing priorities is what made them choose agile

55% listed “increased productivity” as their primary reason for implemeting the framework

49% stated that an improved business/IT alignment was their main reason.

Another surprising fact is that 17% of companies chose the agile method to improve the management of distributed teams.

Why Us?

✓ We use this E-SCRUM framework with our own team… more than 10 members, all virtual, accross the globe. The Sprint Formula helps us manage all tasks with just 15 minutes a day.

✓ Founder and E-SCRUM Master Stefaan De Vreese has more than 10 years of experience implementing and using the formula to keep track of multiple projects at once.

✓ A team working on your business with high-level strategy and management, for around 20-30% of the cost if you hired each asset separately.


“Their talented team is extremely bright and knowledgable about the latest in digital marketing”

Co-Founder, FireFly

“Conversations with Stefaan don’t make me feel like I’m being sold something—he really feels like a partner.”

CEO, New Jupit

“They brought a lot of great suggestions to the table that helped us refine our goals.”

Founder, Teneci Logistics


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