Can’t scale your business to the next level?

Do you have an amazing product, service and business?

frustrated with these fake ‘marketing gurus’?

agencies that promise the world and underdeliver, every single time?

If so, I know your pain, and I’m 99% sure I know the solution…

Strategy Call

First, book your 100% free growth strategy call, and let us analyse your business, crunch the numbers, determine your “sticking points,” and come up with a custom plan for maximising leads and sales via a custom made VIP sales funnel.


When you decide to let us build your money generating community, we’ll start creating top quality community strategy, structure, acquisition campaigns,…


Steady Stream

With your successful community full of raving fans, you’ll be able generate a steady stream of ready to buy customers and sales that will explode your growth!

The Research Is In!

✓ A full 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure a business community. (salesforce)

✓ 24% of companies take over 24 hours to respond to a raving fan—and 23% never respond at all

✓ 70% of researchers and B2B buyers use videos to guide their purchasing path.

✓ You have a total of 37 seconds to inform your customers and to help them make up their mind.

✓ The rate at which people open sales emails is 24%. This translates to 24 people for every 100 emails you send. Do you have an email list yet?


business community environment setup

Why Us?

✓ One other unique aspect versus just hiring an in-house team or community manager is our bird’s-eye view of the industry, what’s working, what split tests win, what type of community strategies get the best engagement and what is helping us generate millions per month for our clients. 

✓ an all-star team of copywriters, funnel builders, marketers and media buyers to go in and execute it with an unusually high likelihood of success.

✓ A team working on your business with high-level strategy and management, for around 20-30% of the cost if you hired each asset separately.


“Their talented team is extremely bright and knowledgable about the latest in digital marketing”

Co-Founder, FireFly

“Conversations with Filip don’t make me feel like I’m being sold something—he really feels like a partner.”

CEO, New Jupit

“They brought a lot of great suggestions to the table that helped us refine our goals to the context of social media.”

Founder, Teneci Logistics



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